Hey what’s up hello

Hey y’all this is the beginning of a new way to connect with your Washington Spirit. As we begin this new season, we are committed to being the best team on and off the field. After a grueling preseason, we’ve come together as a dedicated group of blue collar workers with grit, fight, and a pledge to be a cohesive team. That means we hope to play for the name on the front of our jerseys regardless of the names and numbers on the back.

We are your 2017 Washington Spirit and we would love for you to get to know us. That way y’all can stand with the Spirit and help us return to the NWSL finals…and this time end the season with the last win.

So without further ado we’d like to introduce our new concept. Using this site and the opportunity to post, we’d like to showcase each of our players in a weekly feature in which they share a few tidbits about themselves on and off the soccer field.

We have tons of ideas, which means you guys do too! We’d love to hear any suggestions to interact with you. Please head to the Contact page to connect and engage with us! And stay tuned for more info and lots of laughs this season!

For future updates and posts, follow us on social media:
Twitter: @beyondourboots
Instagram: @beyondourboots



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