Our First “Business” Trip

Everyone knows a good prank or two. Most have participated in pranking and some, if they’re lucky, have only been on the receiving end of a prank once or twice. You’ve heard about saran wrap on the toilet seat or you’ve tied someone’s shoelaces together while they weren’t looking or unscrewed the cap on a sports bottle just before some thirsty teammate goes to rehydrate themselves. If you haven’t done any of these pranks yet, you’re welcome for the ideas. If you have, I’m sure you have a whole bag of tricks up your sleeves.

Today, this blog post is inspired by our most recent prank…and our first of 2017. We can’t name names because to give away their identities would be to limit future masterminded-ness and may incite some retaliation (which may be fair). Even still, we will leave room for creativity and assumptions at this point.

So here’s how the story unfolded:

[Background: Training early Friday morning in Maryland, shower and leave from the Plex to Baltimore airport to catch a flight midday to Orlando]

Late Thursday night, a group message that did not include the entire Spirit roster was formed, and so it was decided that we would prank those missing from the group.

Our first away trip of the season and our NWSL TV sponsor, Lifetime, provided quite an avenue for a prank and allowed all of the pranksters to embellish a little more. Pranksters were able to promise media interviews and short video clips as we embarked on our journey to Orlando that would be featured for our TV game Saturday.

Prankster group message

Pranksters, after deliberation of wording and maybe a white lie or two, informed the prankees that they must dress “business casual” when arriving to the airport to look respectable for potential interviews, etc. Cue the frenzy and panic for the prankees. Although pro athletes are very quick at decision-making on the field, this rule doesn’t quite apply to real-life, night before travel wardrobe decisions.

Team Group Message

The questions were never-ending and included but weren’t limited to “what is business casual?” and “why didn’t they tell us sooner?” and “who owns khakis?” and “are heels okay?” The pranksters could have stopped there and been delighted about the amount of laughter and tears that came from the group messages. Most of the pranksters were “literally dyinggggg,” “crying,” or “peeing their pants.”

Pranksters really weren’t sure if they could pull it off the next day. There were so many variables – all of us getting ready for the airport together, a mixture of prankees and pranksters riding together in the cars, still the endless questions where no one could give it away, arriving at different times to the airport (so how were the pranksters going to get evidence of the prank?

But somehow, it worked.

Getting ready in the locker room was the best and hardest part. Stifled laughs and giggles abounded. Top secret photos captured. Excuses dolled out. And the excuses were endless – “I want to be comfy in the car, will change later” and “She’s bringing me her extra pair of slacks” and “I’m going home to change” and “We forgot our clothes at home.”

Pranksters also made sure of it by: 

  • Suggestions of what they’d be wearing or questions if her outfit was okay
  • End of practice huddle – “Make sure you follow the dress code”
  • Phone calls in earshot of prankees to make sure teammate is bringing extra pants
  • Hanging a button down in the car to change later
  • Visibly stressed in car and nervous that coaches would be angry if not changed

Realization for the prankees that we’d pulled one over on them came when no one else was dressed up once through security, but enough photographic evidence had already been recorded. They did manage to sprint to the nearest bathroom, setting new 40 yard dash records, to change into Spirit travel gear.

So in conclusion of this story that will most likely be told for years to come, we also know now that the prankees no longer have their innocence. They are probably already scheming to get someone back and probably will forever question anything that is ever put into the group thread again. But was it worth it? Yes. A thousand times, yes. Prankees were great sports and also looked so cute in their outfits, and we all have six packs now – yay just in time for summer!

xoxo pranksters

**Disclaimer: No one was harmed in the pulling of this prank and dress code was not considered mandatory but rather suggested.

Thanks for reading! Check back Monday for some ugly photos from our game on the weekend!!


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