Vlog: Getting to know Line

Our first vlog features Line Sigvardsen Jensen, midfielder for the Washington Spirit. She sits down with Caprice Dydasco and answers some questions about her life off the field, plays a round of This or That, and attempts to teach Caprice some Danish.

Notes from Danish class

Hi = hej (hi, same as English)

Bye = farvel (fa-vel)

Goal = mål (mool)

Thank you = tak (tock)

Can I please have a coffee? = Kan jeg bede om en kaffe (can y-eye beh um in kah-Fey)

Hygge (hue-guh) = a feeling of connection to those around you, paying attention to the moment and observing the goodness in the present


2 Replies to “Vlog: Getting to know Line”

  1. Good interview questions. And that’s a plush living room with wooded views. The sound level was a little low though. I had to crack up the volume setting.

    Kudos for vlogging as well as blogging for us Spirit fans.


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