A Day in Pics of DiDi Haracic

This week, we made you guess who our player spotlight was. Some of you tried hard, but fell short, some guessed correctly (but only one or two) and some guessed old members of our team, which made us giggle. Don’t feel inadequate though, most of our players couldn’t even figure out who she was.

Our player of the week was DiDi Haracic. Full Name: Dijana Haracic, no middle name, we found that out a week and a half ago. But if she had to pick any name other than her own, it’d be Riley. Aside from having no middle name, DiDi is special in multiple ways, she’s a goalkeeper after all. She went to school at Loyola University Maryland, and has since played in Sweden, Western New York, and DC. She manages our playlist in the locker room all week before and after sessions and does a really awesome job of providing variety to what can seem like ground hog day for us. She loves her niece and nephew and can often be spotted chasing them around on our field after home games. DiDi enjoys sloths and wishes she was one, or maybe thinks she resembles one. Although most of the time she is busy making spider monkey saves and defying the laws of gravity. Either way, yesterday she walked us through what a normal day looked like for her.

See her Day in Pictures below:

6:45 AM Breakfast of Champions
7:00 AM Idyllic morning drive to training
8:00 AM Made it to the locker room
8:15 AM Keeping the Beliebers happy
8:45 AM Stretching it out
9:00 AM Prehab exercises
10:00 AM Goalkeeping session
12:30 AM Post practice feels
3:00 PM Metro ride to the city
5:00 PM Energy for the Caps playoff game
7:30 PM Let the game begin
9:00 PM Packed house
10:00 PM Despite tough result for our hometown team, still cute



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