Cheaper by the Johnsons

Player Spotlight: Estelle Johnson

Hey Y’all!

As some of you may know, my family means the world to me. By American standards, I come from an unusually large family comprised of 10 wonderful and awesome (totally not biased) kids and two legendary parents. *Quickly rereads last sentence* No, that wasn’t a typo… I have 9 siblings.

To better understand why my parents would put themselves through the torture of raising 10 kids, I’ll give you a bit about each of their backgrounds.

My dad, Jerry, is a Professor of Agriculture who spent much of his young adulthood in Africa. As a 19-year-old Peace Corps volunteer from Washington State, my dad dove head first into African culture and never looked back. After his time in the Peace Corps, he found himself working and living in several African countries. It was in the West African country of Mali where he fell in love with African art, music, and literature.

Oh…and a particular African woman. 1E5033C6-9D35-4EAB-A5BF-55A46C2198F1

My mom, Djeneba, is a Malian boss who raised one hell of a family (if I must say so myself). She is the strongest, most family-oriented person that I know and comes from a gigantic family as well. Growing up in a Muslim household, my mom is the eldest of 31. Again… no typo.

Needless to say, 3-4 kids just wouldn’t suffice for these two lovebirds. It’s my personal theory that my parents were trying to field a soccer team but sadly fell short of their goal (pun intended).

As you can see, my parents both come from very different backgrounds and cultures. It’s no wonder why their offspring have distinctive personality traits. Below you will find a list of my crazy siblings in birth order as well as a few key facts to prove the validity of their given nicknames.

From old to youngest:

#1 Decos:  Mr. Strong Silent

  • Is cursed with being the eldest of 10
  • Has extreme facial expressions
  • Shows love through actions… definitely not words
  • Will text back (occasionally) but never answers the phone

#2 Kyoko: Mrs. Free Spirit

  • Studied at the University of Colorado (extremely liberal)
  • Has hair almost as long as Rapunzel (hip length)
  • Has 5 kids (trying to catch up with my mom)
  • Lives on a farm in Alabama

#3 Amadou: Mr. Jokester

  • Always the center of attention
  • Got grounded on a weekly basis
  • Can sell ice to an eskimo

#4 Amy: Mrs. Mom

  • Has 3 sons
  • Lives 50 yards (max) from my parents
  • Extremely aggressive
  • Is asleep by 9:00 on the dot

#5 Jason: Mr. Responsible

  • Has had the same job since college
  • Has 2 kids
  • Youtubed “how to build a house” and did it flawlessly
  • Is always the first to leave family functions to “handle business” *rolls eyes*

#6 Richard: Mr. Sweet

  • Speaks quietly/kindly
  • Always shares his cinnamon rolls
  • Always expresses his love and appreciation
  • Is always sitting at the kids table

#7 Essie: Ms. Independent

  • First to leave the state for college
  • Is always down to jet across the ocean on a whim
  • Aquarius
  • Never offers to get you a cookie when she gets one for herself

#9 Jenny: Ms. Entertainment

  • Is amazing at impressions
  • Can switch seamlessly between proper English and Ebonics
  • Always the crowd favorite

#10 David: Mr. Intellectual

  • MathsCool graduate
  • Bought first laptop at age 8
  • Was accepted and earned scholarship to law school
  • Basically is a history book

There you have it, folks! The Johnson family dynamic from the perspective of self-proclaimed:

#8 Estelle: Ms. Real

  • Always tells you how it is
  • Wears emotions on sleeve
  • Always ready to crush it on GAME DAY

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