Saturdays are for the girls

So every week we prepare for our opponent; we train, train, train til we burn the midnight oil. And then Saturday finally arrives and we are ready. We file into the locker room, zone in, and complete our last preparations before heading out to the pitch. The past two home games, however, have acquired a new energy. As the starters line up at the entrance, they can hear it. They can see it. They can feel it. I’m referring to the cohort of young girls forming a spirited tunnel for the players to step through. It’s nothing short of inspiring to see so many screaming young faces. The sheer joy they have as they greet the players is remarkable. Perhaps the thought of making it on the jumbotron plays a small role in the excitement, but the players feel it all the same. (And who are we kidding, we love checking ourselves out if we are up on tv too!) So we just wanted to say thank you to all the little girls who make our job special. We practice for the match, but play for y’all. Every fan who took the time to make signs or have their body “temporarily tattooed” with autographs (sorry mom and dad). Every young boy or girl who screams so loud we feel that home field advantage. Every mom and dad who bring their little ones out to the Plex despite the wind, rain, and frigid cold nights. We want to thank you so much for supporting us. We want to thank you for giving the Plex this newfound bout of energy. We want to play for you! As our way to thank you we want to feature you in our weekly photo gallery because if anyone saw the procession of players flanked by a few of our favorite local club girls and boys, they too would be inspired.